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Shared Hosting for Small Businesses

Every online business owner has to start somewhere, and usually the very beginning of their online business endeavors start with the creation of a website. The usual questions arise first, such as – What is HTML? What is PHP? What is CSS? And of course, What is web hosting?

Many small business owners would like to diversify their revenue streams by broadcasting their products or services to the entire world. Even people that have owned storefronts for twenty years or more may have no clue how to do business online. Regardless of the task at hand, you never want to make a large investment without assurance that you could potentially receive a substantial return on your investment. Purchasing a web hosting plan is certainly not easy, especially when you are not familiar with the various options you have to choose from. If you fall under this category then you may want to consider shared web hosting as a starting point for your online business.

Minimal Investment – Maximum Learning Opportunity

Since you are just getting involved in the industry of online web hosting, you may want to try a cheap hosting plan that will give you the chance to learn without spending a lot of money to do so. Although shared web hosting does not offer a lot of server resources in comparison to other hosting plans such as dedicated and VPS hosting, it does provide all of the resources needed to run a small business online. Shared web hosting plans can be purchased for as little as $5 per month from some companies, and most companies include free 24 hour support. If you are trying to use shared web hosting as a way to learn the web hosting industry then I would strongly recommend starting with shared web hosting as a way to learn the ins and outs of the web hosting industry.

What Do You Need to Learn?

There are a lot of things for the new online business owner to learn, especially if you are planning on being successful and performing to the best of your ability. The first thing you need to learn about is how to use your web hosting control panel effectively. Your control panel is like the backbone of your website; without it you would not be able to control your website. Updating content, organizing content, and every other aspect of website management and operating has to be conducted within your web hosting control panel. Once you learn how to operate your web hosting control panel you can move on to promoting your website.

Downside of Shared Hosting

Unfortunately, like everything else shared hosting has a downside. The main downfall of a shared hosing plan is the lack of resources, which ultimately causes your site to operate slowly. However, with a shared web hosting plan you also have to share your IP address. This means you will be sharing responsibility with other people. In other words, if someone that is sharing your IP address gets deindexed from Google, then you run the risks of having the same thing happen to you. The best solution would be to start with shared hosting, and once you have become comfortable with your control panel, you can upgrade to a more comprehensive hosting plan.

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