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IT Services

Connectivity – convergence infrastructure is delivered through a next-generation IT architecture-based on standards-that “converges” virtualized compute, storage and networks with facilities into a single shared-services environment optimized for any workload. This unique approach will help businesses accelerate the delivery of application environments in a predictable, repeatable way that makes the most efficient use of IT, facility and staff resources to drive business innovation.

Availability – your application needs to be consistently accessible in order to prevent costly downtime and lost productivity. Availability solution technology gives you the power and flexibility to set availability priorities based on requirements such as security, uptime, reliability and performance.

Security – your business, infrastructure, users, applications, and data are under constant threats from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. From enterprise and access security to network and application protection, IrmaWeb can help provide unified security solutions that give you a comprehensive approach to protecting your complex environment from constantly changing threats.

Virtualization – virtualization can be a powerful tool to help you cut costs and improve availability and management efficiency, but its impact on surrounding IT resources can cause unexpected problems. Whether you’re just starting a storage or server virtualization project, IrmaWeb can help you build a dynamic, virtualization-ready infrastructure that will help you achieve your current and future business goals.

Caching – you may have deployed some form of caching in your network, however the nature of the Internet has evolved in recent years, and in particular video now represents the largest single source of data file. As a result, your caching appliances are becoming less effective and their performance is suffering. To help tackle that problem, IrmaWeb provides intelligent, transparent caching solution that embeds the very latest thinking in caching technology.

Content Distribution – whether you are a content publisher looking to distribute your valuable content to a network service provider wanting to offer content delivery services to your customers, you need to be sure you are choosing the right Content Delivery Network partner. IrmaWeb partners with leading CDN provider which operates multi-tiered CDN, a global next generation CDN, built on the advanced CDN technology, and provided as a service to content publisher or network service providers

Professional services – every customer’s business is unique and dynamic. With IrmaWeb Professional Services, we help to design, customized, implement a solution that is right for your IT infrastructure, to support your business goal and growth and move your business forward. Our technical specialist and business process specialist will assist and facilitate you to assess your current networking and design new solutions that optimize both your return of investment and long-term value. Our Professional Services include Design & Configuration, Implementation & Integration, and Security Solutions. In addition, we do offer network assessment services to our valuable customer to measure LAN, WAN and mission critical business application performance.

Technical support – with IrmaWeb Maintenance Plan, it provide fully-integrated hardware, fault report escalation and software services coverage to help keep your systems running in optimization condition and meet your demands for availability. Through a combination of hardware service coverage, software service coverage and technical support, and including software updates, we can help you resolve technical issues quickly and most effectively. IrmaWeb’s support services are led by a team of knowledgeable and certified engineers with years of industry experiences. IrmaWeb offer comprehensive support coverage for solutions/products we deployed, with SLA (2 or 4 hours response time) for mission critical IT system 24 x 7 x 365 to give peace of mind to customers and ensure continuous and uninterrupted business daily operations.

Training programme – we have certified trainers who are knowledgeable and qualified to conduct both certified and customized training. In addition to that, all our trainers have relevant industry experience for the products because they were involved with the support and technical team before embarking the training field. We provide sales and technical training for our core products and the related IP technologies. Our goal is to deliver consistent, high quality training using flexible delivery options to meet business requirements while ensuring timely certification on core products and aiding our customers to develop the skills of their employees to make the best use of IP technology.

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