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CMS Design

Don’t know how to develop your website? Need focusing on your core business? Want to reduce operating costs; upfront & ongoing capital investments? Or eliminate the need to hire, train, retain, and manage a large ICT staff?

We are here to provide the solution for you. We develop and provide the CMS website design with cost effective.

Content Management System (CMS) Website is a website running on application system to ease the tasks required to publish web contents to website. In other words, it require minimal coding/script/technical knowledge to update your website easily when there’s a launching of new products, new promotion, price adjustment, create new pages etc, by utilizing an easy-to-use CMS.

WHY we need a content management system ?

Are you having problems with your existing website such as …

  • much of the content is out-of-date or inaccurate ?
  • updating the website is complex and typically needs a third party webmaster?
  • the appearance /website layout is becoming outdated ?
  • Thankfully, these problems are what our content management system designed to solve.

Our CMS is

  • Easy to use
  • even your clerk can update contents of your website easily with minimal IT knowledge
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime
  • you can manage your website from anywhere, at anytime that you want, as long as you have a computer with Internet connection
  • Cost effective

Our CMS Website Design Packages

Value Buy
Domain Name (.com/.net/.org/.biz) No Free 1 Year Free 1 Year Free 1 Year
Hosting No Free 1 Year
(i-host Bronze)
Free 1 Year
(i-host Silver)
Free 1 Year
(i-host Gold)
Interface Design Basic Standard Premium Customize
Content Pages 5 Pages on development, but you can add unlimited pages 10 Pages on development, but you can add unlimited pages 15 Pages on development, but you can add unlimited pages 20 Pages on development, but you can add unlimited pages
Free Images Up to 3 Free Up to 5 Free Unlimited Unlimited
Navigation Menu Basic Standard Interactive Interactive
Enquiry Form 1 Form 1 Form 1 Form 1 Form
Static Banner 1 Top Banner 1 Top Banner 2 Top Banner Multiple Top Banner
Dynamic Banner No Yes Yes Yes
Facebook/Twitter Widgets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photo Gallery Yes Yes Yes Yes
Newsletter Subscription Form Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price (Onetime) MYR1,800
Yearly Recurring MYR195 MYR195 MYR295 MYR395
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Our CMS Website Design Features

Website Templates

Choose from dozens of beautiful, industry-specific website templates with just one click.

Photo Galleries

Upload dozens or even thousands of photos at once and then add the gallery anywhere on your website.

Calendars & Events

Create a calendar full of events and display it on your website. You can even limit which staff members can modify your calendar.

Feedback Forms

Use the drag-and-drop wizard to create feedback forms and then add them to your website. Responses are saved in your control panel and can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

Integrate Your Existing Design

All templates are one simple HTML page, making it easy to integrate any existing design in under an hour.

SEO Customization

Make your website 100% SEO-friendly by specifying SEO title, keyword and description options for content types. All automatically generated URLs are also search engine friendly.

Down for Maintenance Option

Easily show a “Down for Maintenance” message on your website.

Easily Upload Images

The built-in image manager makes it easy to upload multiple images at once. You can also rename and delete images too.

Custom Build Menus/Lists

Use the menu/list wizard to create a list of items (such as web pages or recent press releases) and then use the drag and drop layout editor to position the list anywhere on your website.

1, 2, or 3 Column Page Layouts

Customize the layout of every page on your website. Your home page could be 3 columns, your blog could be 2 and your staff profiles might be 1 column – it’s up to you.

Drag and Drop Layout Customization

Move content around on your website using the drag and drop layout editor. Position a menu at the top of the master template so it appears on every page, or customize pages so each is unique with its own menu and content.

Start & Expiry Dates

Use the content expiry options to publish content between, from or to a specific date – perfect for publishing information on time sensitive events such as dinners and conferences.

Multi-Level Navigation Menus

Link content to parent items to easily create multi-level horizontal and vertical navigation menus up to 3 levels deep.

Custom Content Types

Use the built-in content types (articles, blogs, news, web pages) or create your own using the visual form designer. No HTML required.

Custom Content Views

Create your own views (or saved searches) to quickly access and edit specific content from the control panel in just one click.


Create content using the built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor. It supports paste from Word, rich text formatting, links, images and more.

Categorize Content

Easily categorize content into categories with unlimited sub categories. You can then create filters to choose how content should appear on your website.

Assign Authors to Content

Multiple users can collaborate on a single piece of content and they will be listed as the authors of the content.

One Click Lead Capture Forms

Create contact forms and add them to any page on your website in seconds. When a visitor fills out your contact form their information will be sent to any email address you like.

RSS Feeds Galore

RSS feeds can be created and displayed for any content, any menu and any list you create and display on your website. You can even disable RSS feeds on specific content types.

Content Caching

You can choose flexible caching options on a per content-type basis. By default content is cached for one day but this can be disabled or changed from the control panel.

Custom URL Structures

Each content type you create can have its own custom URL structure. Simply choose the format of the URL, use the available placeholders and your URLs are updated.

Mutliple User Accounts

Create multiple user accounts, each with their own login details and permissions.

User Groups With Permissions

Create multiple user groups, each with their own permissions right down to the item level. The flexible allow/deny logic makes it easy to create accounts for content contributors, managers and super users – in fact anyone in your organization who needs to contribute to your website in any way.

All/Own/Specific Items

User groups can be setup with flexible access types including full control, create new, delete, edit and approve.

Workflow Approval System

Content can be set to require approval before being published on the website. You can set some content types (such as press releases and staff profiles) to require approval and allow others (such as blog posts and videos) to be published immediately.

Active/Inactive Users

Easily disable a user account with one click from the control panel. Once disabled, the user will no longer be able to login and make changes to your website.

Users in Multiple Groups

A user can belong to multiple groups if required. In fact, a user can be in as many groups as required, simply by selecting the groups when you create/edit their profile.

Website Templates

Choose from dozens of beautiful, industry-specific website templates with just one click.

W3C/XHTML Compliant Templates

Includes dozens of beautiful website templates. All templates are W3C/XHTML compliant, contain only one HTML page and no PHP.

Master Template Editing

Change the master template using the drag and drop editor to quickly add a new column or content block to all pages on your website.

Integrate an Existing Design

If you have an existing website or design, you can integrate it using the simple one page HTML style guide system in under an hour.

Custom Content Blocks

Create custom content blocks which can contain formatted text, pure HTML or images, then drag and position them anywhere on any page of your website.

Customize Built-In Pages

Static pages such as error, “down for maintenance” and search tips pages can be fully customized using a WYSIWYG editor.

Built-In Logo Editor

Use the built-in logo editor to create a customized logo for your website or upload your existing logo just as easily.

Header Image Editor

Easily change the built-in header image of most templates to reflect your branding. You can even modify the “plain” header image to add your own images, slogan and more.

Customizable Content Blocks

Easily add rich text, pure HTML or an image anywhere on any page of your website by creating a content block and dragging it onto your web page. You can even add affiliate tracking code, third party analytics and traffic monitoring JavaScript and more.

Download New Templates

We regularly publish new website templates which you can download directly from your control panel.

SEO Optimized

The template structure was designed from the ground up by search engine optimization experts. All templates make proper use of heading tags, alt tags, meta details, etc. Templates are tableless in design and are crafted to help your website rank favorably in all major search engines.

Per-Page Optimization

You can specify the page title and meta data for every category and page on your website, giving you complete control over the keywords you want to rank for.

SEO-Friendly Links

All pages on your website use SEO-friendly links which make it easy for search engine spiders to find and then index the content of your pages.

A Completely Modular Architecture

It built on a modular architecture. PHP developers can build their own modules to extend the platform for their unique business needs, or use the built-in modules which are explained here.

Email to Friend

Make it easy for visitors to share content on your website with the “Email to Friend” form.

Related Links

Publish a list of related links for a content item to provide visitors with further reading.

Resource Box

Publish more information about an article, press release, etc in the resource box.

Anchor Images

An anchor or “teaser” image can be added to any content item, similar to


Podcasting from your website is easy. You can upload your podcast as an MP3 file or link to it on another website. You can also add your podcast to iTunes using the point and click instructions.


Easily add a “Follow us on Twitter” link to your website. You can also show recent tweets from multiple Twitter accounts anywhere on your website.

YouTube Videos

Paste in the link to a YouTube video and it will automatically be embedded in an article, web page, blog, etc on your website.

Google Analytics

Track the number, location, referrals and bounce rate of visitors on your website with Google Analytics integration.


Build a conversation right from your website by adding a threaded commenting system to any piece of content. You have auto-approve or manually approve new comments. You can also reduce comment spam with CAPTCHA, and visitors can be notified via email when their comment is approved or when someone replies. What a great way to increase the stickiness of your website.

Contact Form

Lets visitors fill in a basic contact form. Their details will then be emailed to you.


Allows you to upload attachments and display them on your web site for download when creating new content.

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