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Freebies for .Asia domain! Promotion from May to July 2012

Get Free .ASIA goodies for every 1,2 5 and 10 year term of new .ASIA Registrations! 7" Android Tablet Specifications: CPU: Allwinner A10 1.2Ghz DISPLAY: 7 INCH 800x480 MEMORY: 512MB RAM HDD: NAND FLASH 4GB BATTERY: LITHIUM-ION 2800MAH NETWORK: WIFI (802.11B/G/N) JACK/CONNECTOR: TF CARD (1G-32G) TOUCH PANEL: Capacitive SCREEN, Quin-points TOUCH PANEL OS: GOOGLE ANDROID 4.0 AUDIO PLAYER: ...

FTP – Ascii or binary?

The general rule of thumb is if you can view the file in a text editor like notepad (ie. .html, .js, .css files etc) you should upload in ASCII mode, most others (including images, sound files, video, zip files, executable's etc) should be uploaded in Binary. Exceptions to the Rule It seems all things related to computers have exceptions to the rules. ...

How to minimize your website load?

Formatting Tips To Speed up Your Website While more and more people are getting access to high speed internet, there are many left on dial up. Be kind to those visitors and do a few, simple things to speed up your webpages. Not only will these tips give you a faster load time, most will also help keep your bandwidth fees ...

Chmod Setting – What do they means?

Chmod - What is it? Chmod stands for Change Mode and is a command often needed for installing scripts (CGI, PHP etc.) on a UNIX server, after uploading the file (with FTP) you may need to change the permissions. Basically it tells the server who can make what changes to the file or folder, i.e. can the script only read the info, or ...


Are you a hotlinker? Ok, so you may be new to the web or even web design in general and want to create your own space online... You see an image you'd love to add to your website, you: Download it to your hard drive and upload it to your own server (after checking that is is allowed to be used)... or, Add it ...

Enhance your website with Facebook Open Graph’s Protocol

Open graph protocol (OGP) is a tool for you to integrate your website becomes a rich object in a social graph.  This concept will be useful for business and services. Currently this is used on Facebook which is any website can have similar functionality as a facebook’s page. For example, when user click button “Like”, automatically, your web page will connected ...

Freebies: Domain Name Search Tools

Website is the important medium for business. Then, they have to find suitable, easy and nice domain name. People will easier to recognize their product and company. Here are some of the free tools for searching better domain name in fastest way. Domize They have simple layout but still effective by showing the ...

Great Books Review for Designers / Developers / Freelancer

Nowadays, we always use internet as our main resource to acquire knowledge and improve our skills. Everything is there. Just one click, you can get whatever information that you need. However, please do not forget our traditional source of knowledge which is by reading a book. There are a lot of books that you can get about ...

Mobile Web Will Be On Top

Mobile web will be popular than desktop web. By 2013, most of users will visit website via their smart phone rather than personal computer.  According to according to a new forecast by research firm Gartner, statistic shows there should be 1.78 billion PCs and 1.82 billion Internet-enabled phones in the market. Mobile website only target on smart ...

Free Web Business Tools

In business you have to know the strategies which make the work flow going smoothly. Here are the collections of tools that you will thanks to them later. It is suitable for both, those have own company and also for the freelancer.  Check them out. I’ll hope it will help you. All the best! PDF to Excel

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